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  Private and Public Classes

Weekly Public Cooking Classes

Mondays and Thursdays the studio has regular scheduled cooking classes. Registration fees are $45 to $90 per class. Look at our class schedule for more details. All classes require pre-registration. 


Private One-on-one Hands-on Cooking

This class offers the more discerning cook, complete attention by our chef. In a private setting, we offer menu development, preparation skills, and a completed menu. The topic is chosen by the participant. This service is limited up to two people, with additional fee for any number above two. 

Corporate Team Building

Bring your co-workers to the studio and work in teams of two, or three to create wonderful recipes and dishes. For this class, we require a minimum of 10 participants, and a maximum of 18. Registration cost: $70-$75 per person. 

Private Group Hands on Cooking

This cooking session is great for the spouse that is not allowed in the kitchen. Come to our kitchen studio and make a mess while treating your spouse to a wonderful cooking experience. Our service is great for small celebrations, or out of town guests. This is an interactive dinner party class, prepared by you, and our chef. Minimum: 5 couples. Choose your topic of menu. $140- $170 per couple. Bring your own wine.

Let's Cook Culinary Studio: Fundraiser for Charities

Team up with our chefs to help raise funds for your favorite charity. Organize a class and we will donate part of the proceeds to your organization. Chef interactive classes, up to 30 people. Receptions, book-signings, or art shows, up to 75 participants. 

Friday Night Classes for Couples

Experience an evening of hands-on cooking with a friend or a spouse. Twice a month. Let's Cook Culinary Studio hosts couples cooking on Friday evenings. All participants will chop, slice, and stir their way through recipes provided, and consume the fruits of their labor. All participants are allowed to bring wine to complement their experience. Price per couple = $160.00.

For upcoming classes, click on the Class Schedule Tab at the top of this page.



Have you ever made fresh pasta?  Each participant will make fresh pasta, including homemade raviolis, or lasagna. After making the pasta, the class will eat a family-style meal together. The class is limited to 18 people. 


Raclette Cooking Party

Chop, slice, and dice your way throughout the preparation of this wonderful way to entertain. If you have experienced fondue cooking, you're going to love Raclette.


Asian Influences

Great foods from the Far East. Join us to explore techniques and foods that influence everyday dishes in America. 


Lowcountry Cuisine

Check out, and explore some of South Carolina's great offerings. Yellow grits, shrimp, seafood, collared greens, and the other white meat: pork.



The Spanish have influenced several restaurants with their tapas. Explore and try several tapas throughout the evening. Our goal is to give you ideas you can repeat when you have guests in your home. 



Each participant will create, with a selection of fresh ingredients -- their own paella dish. Bring your appetite, along with a bottle of wine.


Holiday Appetizers

Prepare yourself for unexpected guests. Learn to create quick, and easy appetizers for the Holidays: puff pastry and phyllo. Prepare enough to take with you and freeze for the Holidays. 

Lets Cook Studio as your private dining room

(Artichoke Members ONLY)

One of our newest programs... Do you like to cook with your friends? Is someone in your group a great cook, or would you like to have a dinner party, but simply do not have the space in your home? We are offering - on a limited basis - the studio, to be used for your private dinners. Host a supper club, small reception, and you do the cooking. We provide the facility. The host must be a member of the artichoke club (see navigation bar for information). Reservation includes a $500 service fee for facility. (Caterers cannot be included in this program).




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